If I’m Convicted For A DUI What Can Be Taken Away


The most common way that one can get charged for a DUI is by driving a motor vehicle while impaired by drugs and/or alcohol. But what if after having too much to drink, you get in your car, and before driving off, take a nap instead? Can you be charged with DUI in such an instance even when the car was not in motion, or even turned on? should i get a lawyer for a dui? These are some of the many question many ask when getting pulled over.

Well, being pulled over by the police and arrested for an alleged DUI offense does not only occur when people are driving vehicles, but can also happen in other circumstances- and having an appreciation of just when these seemingly innocuous situations may lead to DUI charges can be vital in protecting your rights. Below, therefore, we take a look at 4 ways you can get caught for DUI as follows:

1. Sitting in a car with the intention of driving

In other words, an officer does not have to see you actually driving a car in order for a DUI arrest to be effected- if the car keys are in the ignition and/or the car is running while parked, this can be sufficient enough to constitute an attempt to operate a car. ”Further, if any other evidence (including BAC test results) seems to indicate any sort of impairment, the mere intent to drive a vehicle may serve as probable cause thus leading to a DUI arrest” says, dui lawyer san bernardino .

2. Riding a bike

This proves how a car is not even necessary for a DUI charge to be filed, as riding a bicycle while intoxicated can not only lead to DUI charges, but the same resulting penalties upon conviction as well. So, if you think that you are cheating the system by riding a bicycle to and from your local pub (for example), think again. You can be stopped and charged with DUI if you seem impaired, or are involved in an accident etc.

3. Horse riding

As absurd as it may seem, riding horses or any other livestock (or carts pulled by animals) could lead to DUI charges. Although a police officer may be less inclined to arrest you for DUI when you are impaired and, say, riding a horse (or any other animal), it is still important to know that an arrest can still happen in such situations.

4. Operating other motorized vehicles

Pam Lewis with OC DUI Expert takes this one, “This may shock you, but operating motorized vehicles such as golf carts, 4-wheelers, ATVs, lawnmowers etc. could also result in DUI charges because the operator would be determined to be endangering themselves or others. The law is left to the current interpretation of the officer at that time. Then, it is left to the careful scrutiny of the courts after its inception. This may seem like a funny story to be telling your friends one day. The problem is, its still a DUI and it will be hard to explain to the people who need to know about it.”

Keep in mind, such vehicles do not need to be street-legal for them to open up their operators to the possibility of DUI charges.

Moral of the story

Its likely assumed these ideas would be a bad idea. Well, now one would know its the law too. If it sounds like a bad idea, its probably not legal or in one’s best interest.