What Should I Do If I’m Going To Get Audit By The IRS

Tax laws can be so complex and confusing that it may be difficult for an average citizen to understand them. If you a business owner, it’s important for you to be familiar with these laws so that you can avoid being charged with tax fraud or tax evasion. A slight mistake when filing your returns in the US can cost your business a lot. In the US, tax laws keep on changing in order to tighten the tax process. As a result of that, many people end up making unintentional mistakes that can draw the attention of the taxman. When this happens, the only person you can run to salvage the situation and save you from hefty fines is a tax lawyer.

 A tax attorney is a professional who specializes in tax laws and can represent you in the court to prevent you from being jailed or fined. 

If you’re a resident of San Diego, there are several reasons why you might need a qualified and experienced San Diego tax lawyer can help you;

1. Starting a business 

Are you looking to start your own business, either a small business or a company? If yes, then it’s important to understand that there many factors that you need to consider, besides the startup capital. There are many requirements that you need to meet before starting your business and one of them is tax requirements.

Due to the complex nature of these laws, you need a San Diego tax lawyer to help you understand and comply with the laws. A tax lawyer will explain to you the the type of tax that’s applicable to your particular business whether a corporate or partnership business.

 If you’re planning to start a large organization or company with employees, a tax attorney will guide you on how to protect your employee rights to stay in the right side of the law.

 2. IRS Audit 

Nothing frightens business owners than IRS audit. Even the slightest mistake in your books can cost you a lot. If you’re being audited by the IRS, its advisable to get an experienced tax lawyer to represent you while dealing with the tax man.

An experienced tax attorney will guide you through the entire audit process and even explain to you the possible outcome of the tax report. Also, the attorney will attend official hearings with the IRS on your behalf as well as court hearings in the event the matter becomes a lawsuit. 

When you hire a tax lawyer, he or she negotiate with the auditors and reach a certain agreement in your favor. This way, you’ll avoid serious actions by the auditors such as a lawsuit or closure of your business. 

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The Pros Of Taking Out A Hard Money Loan When You Are In Debt

A hard money loan is a type of financing offered by non-institutional lenders such as private investors or even companies. There are several lenders offering fast hard money loans at attractive interest rates in Los Angeles. However, before signing those papers, it’s very important to do thorough research on the lender’s reputation. If you choose a reputable hard money lender Los Angeles, you can enjoy several benefits which are listed below.

1. Faster Approvals 

 Of the main reasons for the increased popularity of hard money loans Los Angeles is the fact that you can get fast pre-approval, usually within 1 or 2 days, provided you have submitted all the documents the lender has requested. Los Angeles hard money lenders mainly focus on whether your asset itself has good value and the equity is at least 20 percent.

Hard money loans can get approved in less than a week and have your money in your account, as compared to regular loans which usually take weeks or months to get approved. 

2. Flexible Payments 

Private hard money lenders allow their borrowers to create a customized repayment plan that works for them. With big financial institutions like banks, you rarely get such freedom. Instead, you’ll have to abide by the repayment terms and conditions set by the institution. With hard money lenders, you can have a discussion and mutually agree on a repayment plan that suits you.

3. Less Requirements 

When seeking a loan from a big financial institution like a bank, you’ll obviously be expected to meet some strict requirements such as stable income, high credit score, etc. It’s without a doubt that bank loan approvals can be quite a hectic process. With a hard money lender in Los Angeles, you will not be burdened with such tough requirements, making it easy to secure the loan. As long as your property has a high market value, you will stand a good chance of qualifying for the loan.

4. Credit History or Score not a Big Issue 

 In big lending institutions like banks, your credit history and score can have a big impact on getting your loan approved. If you have a poor credit score or bad credit history due to many debts or late payments of your debts and bills, chances are your loan application papers will just be put in the dustbin. Private lenders, however, put less emphasis on your credit history or score. This is because these lenders approve loans based on your property value and equity, etc. So if you meet these requirements, you have a good chance of securing the financing.

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What Should You Look For In A Workers’ Comp Lawyer?

If you’ve been injured or suffered a serious work-related illness, you are entitled to compensation by your employer. However, winning this kind of case in the court of law is not always easy if you don’t have the right attorney to represent you. Hiring an experienced workers compensation attorney such to handle your workers’ compensation claim can go a long way in ensuring that you win your case and get the compensation to which you are entitled. In this article, we have rounded up 3 tips to help you find the best workers compensation attorney in your area.

1. Ask for recommendations

 One of the best ways to find a good worker’s compensation attorney is to get referrals from your friends, family members and colleagues. Many good workers’ compensation attorneys don’t do a lot of advertising, hence finding them online can be tricky. Instead, you may want to rely on referrals from former satisfied clients who could be people you know like your friends. Legal aid offices and local bar associations are other good referrals as well. A referral from somebody you know is far much better than by relying on an advert. 

Use the Internet

Another place you can find a good workers compensation attorney is the internet. While it can be a great resource, it’s important to be careful when using the internet. There are many directories and review sites that provide reliable links to workers comp lawyers and you can use them to find an attorney that meets your needs. Once you’ve identified a potential attorney through review sites or online ads, it’s imperative to look for more information to avoid scams. Go to the attorney’s website and see if the attorney has workers’ compensation expertise, or if he or she handles a wide variety of cases. Look at the testimonials of former customers and see if most of them are positive or negative. This will give you a rough idea of the attorney’s track record and experience. 

 While you’re not advised to base your attorney choice entirely on online information, it can be a good indicator of an attorney’s level of professionalism, experience, and knowledge.

3. Interview the Attorney

Once you’ve found your potential lawyer, it’s now time to visit them and ask some few questions. Ask the attorney about the level of experience, specialty, years of practice, and if he also represents employers and insurance companies. A quality workers comp attorney will listen and respond to all your questions authoritatively and patiently and will address your concerns. He should also inspire complete confidence and treat you with respect.

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If I’m Convicted For A DUI What Can Be Taken Away


The most common way that one can get charged for a DUI is by driving a motor vehicle while impaired by drugs and/or alcohol. But what if after having too much to drink, you get in your car, and before driving off, take a nap instead? Can you be charged with DUI in such an instance even when the car was not in motion, or even turned on? should i get a lawyer for a dui? These are some of the many question many ask when getting pulled over.

Well, being pulled over by the police and arrested for an alleged DUI offense does not only occur when people are driving vehicles, but can also happen in other circumstances- and having an appreciation of just when these seemingly innocuous situations may lead to DUI charges can be vital in protecting your rights. Below, therefore, we take a look at 4 ways you can get caught for DUI as follows:

1. Sitting in a car with the intention of driving

In other words, an officer does not have to see you actually driving a car in order for a DUI arrest to be effected- if the car keys are in the ignition and/or the car is running while parked, this can be sufficient enough to constitute an attempt to operate a car. ”Further, if any other evidence (including BAC test results) seems to indicate any sort of impairment, the mere intent to drive a vehicle may serve as probable cause thus leading to a DUI arrest” says, dui lawyer san bernardino .

2. Riding a bike

This proves how a car is not even necessary for a DUI charge to be filed, as riding a bicycle while intoxicated can not only lead to DUI charges, but the same resulting penalties upon conviction as well. So, if you think that you are cheating the system by riding a bicycle to and from your local pub (for example), think again. You can be stopped and charged with DUI if you seem impaired, or are involved in an accident etc.

3. Horse riding

As absurd as it may seem, riding horses or any other livestock (or carts pulled by animals) could lead to DUI charges. Although a police officer may be less inclined to arrest you for DUI when you are impaired and, say, riding a horse (or any other animal), it is still important to know that an arrest can still happen in such situations.

4. Operating other motorized vehicles

Pam Lewis with OC DUI Expert takes this one, “This may shock you, but operating motorized vehicles such as golf carts, 4-wheelers, ATVs, lawnmowers etc. could also result in DUI charges because the operator would be determined to be endangering themselves or others. The law is left to the current interpretation of the officer at that time. Then, it is left to the careful scrutiny of the courts after its inception. This may seem like a funny story to be telling your friends one day. The problem is, its still a DUI and it will be hard to explain to the people who need to know about it.”

Keep in mind, such vehicles do not need to be street-legal for them to open up their operators to the possibility of DUI charges.

Moral of the story

Its likely assumed these ideas would be a bad idea. Well, now one would know its the law too. If it sounds like a bad idea, its probably not legal or in one’s best interest.… Read the rest